Securing the most innovative ideas and leaders of tomorrow as they propel forward.
Set up hybrid cybersecurity, compliance and privacy departments effortlessly with a virtual CISO.
Innovate securely without compromising speed.
VioletX helps businesses to advance while the meet mandatory requirements set forward by customers, industry and regulators. Smartly engaged security works as fuel for innovative ideas.
Meet the mandatory
Meet the standards set out by your customers, industry and regulators so you are on the same level as your peers.
across customers into programs
Smartly address customers
Understand what your customers value so you can delight them in the deal-making process and prioritize across competing requirements.
all three areas
Legitimize your business
Create necessary documentation of policies, programs and processes that allow you to measure up to the strongest players in your space.
Get started quickly
Whether you've had an incident or a customer security requirement means immediate impact to revenue, VioletX virtual CISO allows your company to respond quickly across privacy, security and compliance standards.
Focus spending on that which matters most.
Innovation and security work together to lead funding opportunities, customer contracts and the destiny of your business. VioletX prioritizes customers, growth and revenue by implementing frictionless cyber, compliance and privacy. Virtual CISO allows you to secure your momentum without compromising your standards of protection.
sales questionaires
Financially focused cybersecurity
VioletX CISO helps you to utilize cyber in ways that bring in revenue, while lowering risk and cost to your business.
Prioritized projects that pay off
Stakeholders drive the urgency for cyber. VioletX helps to prioritize stakeholder projects, assign value and execute.
Track and monitor what matters
Stakeholder commitments require continuous improvement, reporting and expansion. VioletX CISO puts execution behind your agreements and ensures compliance.
We help growth-focused businesses excel through their business milestones.
One leader, three core business areas
Virtual CISO is able to accomplish cybersecurity, privacy and compliance for you with one hybrid officer.
virtual CISO
Open limitless potential for your business.
Gaining customer trust for a consumer application, or closing a deal with a big-name client, requires that you meet a high standard of cybersecurity, compliance and privacy. At any stage of your company journey, VioletX can get you to that level.
Virtual CISO works with your leaders to create the Cyber, Compliance and Privacy strategy for your business
spread your work across programs
Program Design
Virtual CISO builds prioritized programs across your business departments that accomplish business strategies and goals.
policy suite
Virtual CISO implements alongside your team to execute Cybersecurity, Compliance and Privacy as a member of your team.
Experience matters
We have worked as CISOs for industry leaders across industries as practitioners, business leaders and strategists. Your security, compliance and privacy will be managed by an enterprise-level executive who is proven.