Identify your company's greatest risks so you can build a strategy to minimize them.
Every business holds unique risks based on their size, geographical location, industry, product or service, customers, exposure and more. Risks may be both physical and digital. Every leadership team holds a different risk tolerance.
A risk assessment is an exercise where multiple components of your business are reviewed to uncover these risks. Following, findings are documents and shared with stakeholders who can create vision and strategy around risk that can be translated across cyber, compliance and privacy plans, programs and policies.
VioletX works with companies to create smart approaches to risks that can impact compliance with legal and regulatory standards, customer contracts and relationships and company culture.
Review and assessment of existing policies, procedures and other informing documents.
Onsite or virtual live interviews of key personnel for knowledge transfer and audit.
Comprehensive physical, digital and regulatory risk audit.
Findings report.
Risk mapping and strategy documents.
Internal and external communication tools, documents, policies.
Executive risk tolerance assessment document.
Verified map of organizational risk based on unique identifiers.
Clear understanding of executive risk tolerance that can be shared with the security team and other stakeholders.
Development of necessary data to build organizational strategy, programs and policies related to risk management.
Risk document lends to other key tools such as incident response planning, business continuity planning and disaster recovery policies.
Risk assessment useful in creating strategies for the management of state and federal compliance requirements.
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