Test your organization’s cyber incident response plan with virtual, scenario-based, team building.
A tabletop exercise evaluates your organization’s cyber crisis processes, tools and proficiency in responding to cyber attacks from both a strategic and technical response perspective.
Leaders across your organization come together to respond to a simulated incident, revealing holes in cross-functional processes and plans that are documented in a follow-on report that can be immediately acted upon.
Throughout the exercise, a CISO from the VioletX team helps your team leaders to understand where they can be better prepared for an incident and how to respond in the midst of crisis.
Preparation for table top including: roles, project write up and description, program guidance.
Scoping session to identify realistic risks to your organization.
Table top scenario guidebook custom to your organization, stakeholders and team.
Up to half day session with unlimited participants.
Executive briefing on lessons learned from the exercises that includes a summary of how participants worked with their incident response plan, communications plan and escalation procedure
Post-action report with a timeline of events, detailed analysis of participant activities and strategic recommendations for improving detection, response, containment and remediation
Comprehensive report for each participant with action items and follow-ups.
Zoom-based sessions for remote, executive, team building.
Quickly identify gaps across departments related to cybersecurity, data privacy and compliance.
Organically discuss existing policies, programs and technical decisions within the context of their potential performance during an incident.
Activate and empower leaders across departments into the organizational cybersecurity discussion.
Simultaneously train and audit cross-departmentally in a collaborative and creative atmosphere.
Receive comprehensive feedback and next steps that can be immediately acted upon.
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